Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet


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The Ultra 100 Countervail is the most versatile racquet in the Ultra franchise.

Re-defining power and versatility, Wilson Ultra is designed to provide overwhelming power with efficient performance. Packed with brand new technology, Wilson Ultra racquets have increased throat stability and stiffness, the new Crush Zone grommet system which boosts power and ball dwell time on the strings and a 15% increase in the racquet hotspot in comparison to previous editions, providing players more explosive power than ever before

The 100 also features Countervail, a material technology integrated into the frames of the racquet. When making contact with the ball, Countervail directs the ball’s energy within the frame rather than the players arm. This leads to reduced muscle fatigue and recovery time as you spend less energy every swing. Most impressively, the technology - also used by NASA to maximise energy during flight – does not affect the feel, flex and control brought by the braided graphite and basalt in the frame. 


This racquet is pre-strung by Thistle Sports and comes with a Wilson Ripspin/Sensation hybrid, at mid tension, using the Wilson Biardo stringing machine.

Beam 23-26.5-22.5mm
Head Size 100 sq. in.
String Pattern 16x19
Unstrung Balance 32cm / HL
Unstrung Weight 300g
Length 27
Cover Not Included
Series Ultra
Tennis Sensor Compatibility

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