Junior Silver Mouthguard Blue

Junior Silver Mouthguard Blue


  • £13.00

The Opro Junior Silver Mouthguard Blue has a durable outer layer for enhanced impact protection and a flexible inner layer for supreme comfort and fit. All of Opros Silver mouthguards contain an Antimicrobial additive proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria so you can rest assured that the Junior Silver mouthguard provides the best possible protection against bacteria and germs.

The unique design of the inner channel features the patented ‘fins’ – slim rib-like structures – that are made from a special gel-like material that softens and becomes more fluid when placed in hot water. When you bite into these softened fins, they mould snugly around the teeth to form a highly retentive fit.

To ensure that your fitting process is simple and easy, Opro include a fitting handle that slots neatly into the holes at the front of the mouthguard. Hold this handle when immersing the mouthguard in hot water and use it help you position the mouthguard centrally in your mouth during moulding. The carefully placed drainage holes ensure that the mouthguard is exactly the right temperature when moulding a mouthguard for youngsters.

Once moulded, your Opro Junior Silver mouthguard will provide excellent protection for your teeth and gums from injury during any ball, stick or combat sport. Comfortable to wear it makes speech and breathing easy.

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