Power-Fit Scotland Mouthguard


  • £29.99

The Power-Fit mouthguard series from Opro has been developed to offer better retention and fit, comfort, ease of moulding and ease of speech and breathing - it's as close to a custom mouthguard as you can get in a self-fit.

The Power-fit comes with a Power Cage fitting cradle, The cage consists of an outer and inner tray, which fit one inside the other, and it is into this tray system that the mouthguard is placed. As the wearer bites down onto the mouthguard, the Power-Cage compresses it onto the teeth resulting in a perfectly moulded mouthguard that fits snugly around the teeth and soft tissue providing the ultimate fit and retention.

This special edition version features a blue and white Scotland design with the saltire flag.


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